Sky-Full of Stars {One Hundred Bits of Gratitude by Thanksgiving 2019} #6


Full of gratitude today for:

51. staring out my bedroom window in the dark, on our bellies, my 5 yo and I, looking at a sky-full of stars, endless and amazing

52. a clean desk, even just for a few moments 😉
53. the gift of prayer, something we can always do, Someone who will always listen
54. 14 yo old making baby giggle and coo, baby loves, listens, and looks for his brother’s voice
55. breakfast devotions – a favorite moment of our days, Golden Key devotional, Gospel of Mark, and poetry (Thanksgiving themed at present)
56.  5 yo delight over a simple maze in coloring book
57. making a winter bird stamp order from USPS
58. JRR Tolkien tshirt gift I know will bless my 12 yo – Tolkien’s signature symbol
59. the weather, coldish, but no snow, glimpses of sun
60. the chipping sound of a sparrow on the hedge outside the window
What is on your gratitude list today?

4 thoughts on “Sky-Full of Stars {One Hundred Bits of Gratitude by Thanksgiving 2019} #6

  1. 1. Laughing a lot in genuine fun with my online students this AM – cheers me up to start the day!
    2. Interesting and challenging dream about rainbows last night. 😉
    3. Quiet moments to think and read.

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  2. Thankful for: the affection given by and proximity to me of the formerly feral cat, who has a chronic disease, but remains basically well, and often feisty; how our companion animals choose us and what a grace they are; how even those creatures who have known a harsh early life can become converts to the gospel of love and gentleness.

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