Snowy {One Hundred Bits of Gratitude by Thanksgiving} #6


{a gorgeous restored church on Prince Edward Island, Canada}


51. lamp-lit dinner of buttery pancakes shared with two children who were at home with me last night. We listened to soft music as the flame flickered. So peaceful!

52. the sound of potatoes being grated. Juicy and a pleasant scraping. Hash browns for my husband! Opening deer hunting and an empty fridge had me scrambling to find some things for hungry bellies. The hunters seem to appreciate the few eggs, random turkey sausage (found deep in freezer),  and hastily-made hash browns.

53. the sizzle of oil and smell of crispy potato.

54. the soft, top outline of snow on some forgotten laundry on line.

55. slowly attempting to paint the constellation Orion in my nature journal. It looks primitive, but I’m glad to capture the moments I’ve spent gazing at this imposing fellow in the sky.

56. fascinating essay here and quotes here on Myth & Moor, probably one of my favorite blogs. I suspect that the author and I are kindred spirits, hopefully, we could be friends even though we may differ in many of our core beliefs.

57.  reading The Little Engine That Could over and over to my littlest as he just discovered it on our library shelf. I never realized until now that it’s sort of a retelling of the Good Samaritan.

58. Black-Capped Chickadees and a Male Cardinal at my feeders! We don’t have a lot of trees and I’ve really missed the variety of birds that we had at our former home.

59. pretty Christmas wrapping paper that I ordered. I usually wrap all my gifts in one print, the monochromatic scheme looks so pretty under the tree and frankly, it’s just easier.

60. I got a few things scribbled last night in my journal. Some writing actually down in ink and not floating around in my stuffed, spilling-over brain! I’ve really struggled with making the time, because it feels like I need so much mental space, of which I have zero right now. I’m finding I’m going to have to fit it in the margins of life or it won’t happen at all. How wonderful it is to just get down one page of words captured for just a little while.



9 thoughts on “Snowy {One Hundred Bits of Gratitude by Thanksgiving} #6

  1. What a beautiful and rich life you live, and real. I love your way with words, how well you describe the moments that make a life.

    I have read The Little Engine… a few times, and I never caught that amazing realization that it’s a retelling of the Good Samaritan! I love that you are drawing in your journal, and all you do. The love and passion jump out of the words.

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  2. I looked at your lovely wrapping paper. Have you bought that brand before? Sixty-seven square feet sounds like a lot–do you know if it wraps all your gifts, or did you have to buy a lot of them?

    (Pretty irrelevant question to your great list, but…) 🙂

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    1. Hi Sherry! It probably would wrap all your gifts! 😀 I like Current’s wrapping paper – thick! I bought two rolls because of my gigantic family, ha! 😉 But I just save it in our Christmas stuff for odds in ends next year, if we need it. So it gets used!


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