Late Summer Sentiments, served with-a-side-of-Lucy



{Glorious sunset in our back meadow}

The beautiful dew-drenched mornings are a bit chilly now – my coffee steam rising warm, wiggling into the cool air.  The stillness in the air and the hint of wood smoke drifting from our Amish neighbors whispers autumn. However, today reached the 80’s so I’m still holding onto summer. Summer is the L.M. Montgomery part of the year for me. Do you do that? Explain and figure out life through the books you’ve read and characters your favorite, dear authors have given you? I do. The robust, deeply rich, fragrant smells and luscious greens and deep blues are frankly, JUST like Montgomery and her lovely phrases, characters, and richness. This is the stuff of summer loveliness, which I’ve grown to enjoy. Summer hasn’t always been my favorite, the knife-thick humidity, blazing sun, and the flies and endless running-around-schedule. However, I’ve come to appreciate what it gives me for later, the fortifying memories, color, and deep, earthy fragrances to carry me through our gray, frigid months. There is something about taking the calendar and dividing into into literature seasons, huh? How absolutely juicy and delicious that sounds! There is something about our dusty, gravel roads that just begs for a little girl with red braids skipping down them.  I’m enjoying these last moments, sitting still in their deepness, filling up, and spilling up and over with this warm wind, brilliant sun, and sky. What a gift for the taking!



9 thoughts on “Late Summer Sentiments, served with-a-side-of-Lucy

  1. Every day has its seasons. Early morning fresh is Spring, midday rush and responsibility is the Summer, early evening’s calm and slower pace is the Fall, then night’s rest is the sleep of Winter. Love your writing style, Amy. You are captured by the rhythms of living……………

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  2. Hi Amy! I too (as another commenter noted above) love your idea of literature seasons! It made me curious to know what the other three are for you, and also caused me to reflect on my own. I wonder if there’s something inherent about summer and LMM, because that seems to be when I read most of her writing, too! If I had to pick a literature season for winter, it would be English women writers . . . not one specific, but a mix of my favourites: George Eliot, Elizabeth Gaskell, Charlotte Bronte. I’ve been away from a little while from blogging, and it’s been nice to read your blog posts again! 🙂

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    1. Hi Heather! Yes, I have four others! 😉 I want to write on them as the seasons unfold…I know there are only three other seasons, but I have another unofficial season in my mind that I count…the other four are women as well…it just happened this way. Stay tuned, friend! 😀

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