Break Forth


An inner coming away, beginning over again,

an outer rending, cracked in twain.

Thin, flaky crust of earth pie,

four and twenty red-wings rise to cerulean sky.

A birth, a break forth into song,

dragon-scale shedding, clawing along.

Molting, shutting the cold, old, yesterday’s door,

the sap-blood flowing once sweetly more.

The moving thickly, freshly born,

an emptied womb, a broken shell, forlorn.

Death awakes as life.

Flesh pink, scraped clean by ice-cold knife.

A besetting weight not easily scorned,

a gray emptiness, pain’s barrenness not mourned.

White and black birth, joy over green,

emptiness brings eyes to fullness, keen.

Torn away, rent, broken through,

clawed, sloughed, tapped, brand-new.




4 thoughts on “Break Forth

      1. I’m currently enjoying Francis Thompson a lot! Cyprian Norwid is fast becoming a favorite. I love his poem ‘Mercy’. Then I enjoy a lot of nature poetry. I have a favorite anthology called Nature Verse compiled by a Mrs Lovejoy. Its wonderful! Then there is St Robert Southwell, Sir Walter Raleigh, Coleridge, Whittier, Gerard Manley Hopkins, Tennyson… I could go on!

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      2. OOOOOoooooo….lovely list! And some I’ve never heard of! I’ve recently enjoyed Abigail Carroll and Mary Oliver for modern poetry and I’m an Emily Dickinson fan and Amy Carmichael. I’m working my way through Seamus Heaney. I’ve always wanted to explore Hopkins a bit more! I’m so excited to check out the anthology by Mrs. Lovejoy, I too, love nature and seasonal poetry. Thank you so much for taking the time to share!

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