Monday Ponderings {March 27th}


Mulling on this today in regards to myself, specifically as a Christian, wife, and mother. Miss Mason was talking about some other things in context, but this particularly touched me. Noticed she isn’t measured by her outward accomplishments, but by her inner life. I love that.

The woman who has herself well in hand, who thinks her own thoughts, reserves her judgments, considers her speech, controls her actions – she is the woman who succeeds in life, with a success to be measured by her powers of heart, brain, and soul.

Charlotte Mason

Vol. 5.

pg 238


4 thoughts on “Monday Ponderings {March 27th}

  1. Ooh! I love this. So often in today’s world the loud, demanding, disrespectful women are hailed as the “strong independent” women. And while there is a time to be heard, there’s also a respectful way to approach it. I love this quote now. ❤

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