Monday Ponderings {January 23rd}

…Oh, it is well to waken with the woods

And feel, as those who wait with God alone,

The forest’s heart in these rare solitudes

Beating against our own.

Close-shut behind us are the gates of care,

Divinity enfolds us, prone to bless,

And our souls kneel. Night in the wilderness

Is one great prayer.

excerpt from “Midnight in Camp” by Lucy Maud Montgomery

4 thoughts on “Monday Ponderings {January 23rd}

  1. This is so perfect and beautiful as I have many days in solitude lately. At times it is depressing as there is not much sunshine. But, then I think on the words that Jesus says in His word…”I will never leave you, nor forsake you” He is my sunshine in the darkness of Winter!!! I appreciate your writings!! May you be blessed!!

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