Joy Journal {December 28th}

•wee flicker of little candle ‘Christmas at the Burrow’• the warmth and deepness of freshly ground and French-pressed black coffee in Christmas mug•the glimmer of light off the gingerbread men salt & pepper shaker•little, snowy glass cottage trinket•reading Beauty Chasers with Annie, chapter by chapter, discussion•Sophie racing around the house, her orange-y tail twitch, her sweet whiskers, her ‘cat-ti-tude’•the glow of the old-fashioned Christmas tree lights • Ella’s Christmas spirit and excitement• a juicy, sweet pineapple• Gideon’s love of baths•Schielch animal dioramas everywhere• a friend talking books with me• zoom reading nights with online kindred spirits •Peanuts postage stamps from dad•rubbing coconut oil into little chapped hand•dipping deliciously into aggressively happy by Joy Marie Clarkson•finding swirls, sparkles, and wind sighs in the coldest time of the year•

The work of humanity is to see one another safely home. ♥️

Penelope Wilcock

5 thoughts on “Joy Journal {December 28th}

    1. Hello 👋 Julie! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! That game is something my 15 yo son made! 😲🥰😄 He’s testing it out on his siblings. We did get a lot of games for Christmas and I think they like Love Letter and Root!


      1. I love that he made his own game! So fun! Our favorite game we got is Buildzi. Fun for everyone! I will look up the one you mentioned as well! Blessings on your New Year! I am excited to see your reading list as well! Assuming you are doing one, that is!


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