Joy Journal: May 26th, 2022

Tree frogs 🥰

What is inspiring you or bringing you joy currently? I hope to start a new series here. Please join me in comments, in your journal, or on your blog!

Right now, I’m loving…

|| the Betsy, Tacy, and Tib series by Maud Hart Lovelace || “With You” sung by Jimin and Ha SungWoon – I actually reimagine this as a love song to Jesus ♥️ || “The Peace of Wild Things” collection by Wendell Berry || barn swallow watching || Seattle’s Best decaf – thanks to Booktube friend, Tiffany for this recommendation || searching for new-to-me mystery series ||Kate Howe’s Booktube || a new to me Booktube, A Day of Small Things || finding 100 Days of Dante podcast || starting L. M. Montgomery’s Selected Journals Volume 3 ||

|| Harney & Sons Paris tea, fruity Earl Grey || first peony bud on bush friend gave me two summer’s ago || Salt & Sound music || Gone Away Lake by Elizabeth Enright, anticipation for the sequel || bird and rabbit watching || rereading Little House series this summer with my younger children || endless cloud-filled skies || finding a math tutor for my son || Paul Johnson’s A History of the American People, who knew a tome like this could go down so smoothly? || contemplating reading some Moomins or another Tove Jansson book with friends || little boys in flannel button-downs || Schliech animal scenes perpetually in living room || Totoro socks from daughter || vignette series rattling around in brain || thinking back over favorite summer reads in years past, what are your favorites? || new fresh slate to start drawing upon for next homeschool year ||

Double-headed dandelion my daughter found 💛💛💛

What’s on your joy list?

Happy Friday, friends! Lots of love from Hearth Ridge, Amy 🌿♥️🌿

11 thoughts on “Joy Journal: May 26th, 2022

  1. I love the idea of a joy journal 🙂

    You have such a lovely list. I’m in the throes of planning our summer learning and getting set up for our official new school year and it is still SO exciting. I’m hoping that excitement never goes away. We’re reading the first Moomins right now and it is so lovely. This author is brand new to me and I’m looking forward to finding more by her.

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      1. Little creatures that sort of look like hippopotamus’s! 😅😂 The books have very little plot, definitely gentle family and domestic things going on. They have lots of unique friends etc. The writing is very imaginative and beautiful in a simple way. They are translated from Finnish? I believe. I love them. Some of my kids think they are a bit slow 😂, but I find them sweet!


  2. Amy,
    I just got all of the Betsy, Tacy books for my 13 year old daughter, but now that you said you are enjoying them, perhaps I will have to pick up. We have thoroughly wholeheartedly enjoyed Masterpiece Theater’s All Creatures Great and Small. Have you watched it? It is rare that we watch a show together, as there are so few worth watching, but this has brought us all such joy! Highly recommend!

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    1. Hi Julie! Yes, Betsy Tacy Tib books are so sweet and just lovely. I haven’t watched the show, but I just recently got the first Herriot book and am enjoying it! 🥰Good idea for something for the whole family. ♥️


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