Monday Ponderings {November 1st}

Happiest November!🍁🍂🧡🤎

“Well, let us see. What do I like? I like my own children and all nice, fat, clean babies anywhere. I like all kinds of books if they’re well written whether they are religious or philosophical or sentimental or cynical or humorous or exaggerated or indecent. I like writing books myself. I like cats and horses and some dogs. I like curling breakers, woods and mountains and stars and trees and flowers. I like nicely furnished houses. I like good Victrola records and the music of the violin. I like pretty china and glass and old heirloom things. I like a cosy bed and a tight hot water bottle. I like being kissed by the right kind of man. I like jewels and pretty clothes. I like doing fancy work and I like cooking and I like eating nice things other people cook. I like motoring and driving and walking. I like a systematic life with occasional dashings over the traces. I like open fires and moonlit nights. I like chatty letters. I like compliments. I like to see a person I dislike snubbed. I like my own looks when my hair is dressed a certain way. I like a snack at bedtime. I like going out to dinner. I like helping other people and I like to be very independent of help myself. I like sunset and pictures and sea bathing. I like keeping a journal. I like reading old letters…” ~ L.M. Montgomery, The Selected Journals, Volume II, p. 370-371

{Wasn’t that interesting and humorous? She goes on a bit more, too! I love reading writer’s and homesteader’s journals and diaries, especially from a woman’s perspective as I think they were at the heart of everything. Do you? I also love making lists of things I’m currently enjoying or loving like Maud did here. Have you ever done this?}

8 thoughts on “Monday Ponderings {November 1st}

  1. I also love reading the diaries of writers, especially Sylvia Plath and May Sarton. Homesteader journals are new to me – any recs?? 😃

    Thanks for sharing this today – it was so much fun to read!

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    1. Hi Katie! Thanks for chatting. I’ll have to look into those. Thank you. I’m slowly reading Virginia Wolf’s, also and I’m finding the letters of Van Gogh to his brother fascinating. Two homesteader memoir books I remember are Letters of a Women Homesteader by Elinore Pruitt Stewart and Shepherdess of Elk River Valley by Margaret Duncan Brown. They can have dated/harsh/disturbing things in them, just FYI, but for the most part, amazing and inspiring! I,of course, recommend LM Montgomery’s journals, too. I’ve only read two and I think there’s five?! Her life was NOT all roses and buttercups – she must have wrote the way she did to escape. 😓 Her entries during WWI from a Canadian perspective are fascinating and heartfelt. ♥️

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