Something Old, Something New… {Saturday, February 27th}

Illustration by Pauline Banes

Something Old ~ Pour yourself a cup of tea or coffee and listen to this delicious, fascinating, and ridiculous interview by one of my favorite authors, Ray Bradbury. Grab a pencil and paper because his ideas on creativity and life are so interesting to think about.

Something New ~ I received this lovely mug from my husband for Valentine’s Day{read: I picked it out and told him 😉 that I wanted it} and it’s making me smile. A bit of a backstory with it. My husband used to work in a field where he had the title of Captain and we happen to have seven children. And of course, I love me some Maria and Captain von Trapp. Perfection! I *adore* many of the items in the A Fine Quotation Etsy Shop, so I highly recommend.

Something Borrowed ~ I am still thinking on and reeling from some beautiful thoughts in this book I borrowed from a friend. I highly recommend it. It really gets you thinking on community in ANY sphere of life, but especially creative endeavors.

Something Blue ~

The moon has been glorious that past few days and this blue, purple sky is giving me all the feels. I think I will listen to Miles a bit today!

And a Sixpence in Her Shoe ~

A golden, faith tidbit for considering as you walk into your weekend:

“Life is a leaf of paper white

Where on each one of us may write

His word or two, and

then comes the night.”

~James Russell Lowell

11 thoughts on “Something Old, Something New… {Saturday, February 27th}

  1. AMY! YES! This was a fun post 🙂 I have so much to say and I think I’m just going to have to do it in list form.

    + Have you had a chance to read Bradbury’s Zen in the Art of Writing yet? I LOVED it and now I’m thinking I might need to reread it.
    + And read more by Bradbury in general.
    + The Sound of Music is one of my favorite movies to put on in the background while I’m cleaning or reading. I adore Julie Andrews. And that mug is beautiful!
    + And somehow I didn’t know that you had SEVEN children. That’s just amazing.
    + The moon this week has taken my breath away. I have the moon phases written in my five year journal and I kept checking to make sure that the full moon was, in fact, last night and not earlier this week. The trees made the most beautiful shadows over the snow all week long!!
    + I’m adding Bandersnatch to The List – thank you! I hope you’ve watched Tolkien? It features The Inklings quite heavily.

    Okay – I think I’ve inundated you enough now 🙂 Enjoy your Sunday with your SEVEN children (amazing!)!!

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    1. What a lovely ☺️ chat, Katie! Yes, I love Bradbury’s Zen! I should revisit it. Bradbury’s Dandelion Wine and Something Wicked This Way Comes are my current favs of his. I don’t love EVERYTHING, I’ve read of his, but I really enjoy his love of language and his wackiness. He is SO good approaching fear in an fascinating way. I’m so glad I have another Sound of Music fan friend!😄 I need to get another copy as we wore our dvd out! I want to watch Tolkien badly and even checked it out from the library, but I actually am so bad about watching movies and shows because I want to read/surf Instagram or watch random things on YouTube. 😂🤷🏻‍♀️


      1. I know the feeling about watching movies. I almost always fall asleep if I sit down to watch a movie in the evening!! Tolkien, though, held my attention and was incredibly atmospheric. I think you’ll love it! And I’m going to get on some waitlists for the Bradbury books – thank you!

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