Gratitude & Glories: {1st week of August}


This week I’m thankful for…

 ~a drive through dappled, morning sunlight, through hills, fields, woods, rereading Miss Read’s delightful Village School, a perfect pre-autumn school-ish inspirational read ~New Life Lavender’s Organic Shea Butter w/Lavender Essential Oil, soothing my eczema ~ wind chimes donging and tinkling peacefulness through the open window ~ a new, pale periwinkle type color of Morning Glory blooming Sunday morning ~ country drive with my husband that took us through new-to-us Amish homesteads ~ cool, almost autumn-ish feel to a brand, spanking new dewy morning ~ playing Schliech animals (a favorite toy here) with my 1 yo, Gideon ~ reading some timely and encouraging things in the Book of Numbers ~ crisp, buttery, whole wheat pancakes for the kids ~ reciting “Be Not Afraid” at breakfast with everyone, so inspiring ~ beginning the first Redwall book all over again with a new bunch of children ~ My daughter Ella and I finishing up the wonderful historical fiction book, Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit ~ nodding Queen Anne’s Lace and pale blue Chicory on the roadsides ~


~morning walks with whatever kids are available and my husband ~ visiting a lavender farm, lavender ice cream, and lemon lavender tea, rosemary lavender soap purchased – a surfeit of lavender! ~ Zoom book study, looking at the Habits are Ten Natures section of Charlotte Mason’s Volume 1 with friends, wonderful discussions ~ 4:00 afternoon tea parties with the “Queen” ~


~driver’s education test preparation, my 15 yo son’s gratitude for my help ~ library book pick up stacks with my middle son, uninterrupted conversation for a wee bit ~reading outdoors, under the Honey Locust~ chemistry books trickling in via the post, so thankful for living book recommendations from friends ~swinging baby and boy every afternoon in the balmy breeze ~ my 6 yo arranging the  garden tomatoes beautifully ~


~errand date with son, little free library, pig feed pickup, drive-in ice cream, and Amish veggie stand for sweet corn ~ staying up late to watch an Avenger movie with two oldest ~ finishing The Glass Hotel by Emily St. John Mandel ~ broiling fresh sliced tomatoes with basil and a little cheese ~ clouds, black swallowtails, zinnias, hollyhocks, cosmos, barn swallows, and every other small bit of natural beauty gifted to us this week ~

What a blessed week ~ Thank You, Lord Jesus!

How was yours?


{I hope to make this a regular post on my blog as I want to live in a posture and attitude of gratitude, a form of ‘practicing resurrection’. These don’t mean my life is perfect and trouble free, but I’m choosing to focus on the good as a way to give thanks. Please join me on your blogs, in the comments, or on your own.}

16 thoughts on “Gratitude & Glories: {1st week of August}

  1. I read all the Miss Read books, thanks to my sister-in-law who loved them. That was years and years ago. I looked at the ebook listings of my library, and those books are not available. I’d love to read them again, now that I am publishing my letters from England 40 years ago.

    This post is beautiful with all your lovely activities and mention of your precious children. I really enjoyed it.

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  2. Beautiful list, Amy. I enjoyed Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit too. Your baby is growing fast! Despite the challenges in the world, there is always something to be grateful for 😊

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  3. Oh what a wonderful post! There’s so many things to comment on and I don’t even know where to start.

    First of all – I love Miss Read and really should try to read more throughout the year! And I love your green polka dotted skirt!!!!!! (all the exclamation points here) I also loved The Glass Hotel — I hope you did too.

    All of your pictures are just adorable and I loved all the coziness you’ve had this week. I hope you have a great Sunday!

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    1. Thank you, Katie! I got the skirt on Amazon, of all places! LOL! Very inexpensive, too, I believe. Yes, I’m so glad to be back visiting in Fairacre. I did enjoy The Glass Hotel, it was very interesting. Still thinking about it, one of those I need to put my finger on why I liked it and what it made me feel or think about…I liked Station Eleven quite a bit more, which is funny because it was much darker, I think, than this one.


  4. Amy,
    Such an uplifting post. Even in these “strange” times there is much to be grateful for!
    My list includes – extra time with my hubby who is on vacation-visits with my children and grandchildren-snuggles with youngest grand- beautiful flowers everywhere-fresh vegetables from the garden- phone call from a friend-always books and coffee -sweet time in the Word!
    Love your photos! I have the same tea pot.

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      1. I’m currently reading The bookish Life of Nina Hill. I liked The Things We Cannot Say by Kelly Rimmer, True Colors by Kristen Hannah, Olive Kitteridge, and Maggie by Charles Martin.

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  5. Afternoon tea with the queen??!! You guys are a riot! How fun! Wonderful to see how your summer is going; that it’s being so well spent with your family and a grateful heart.

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      1. We are all well! Have had lots of changes and waiting on more, so that always keeps life interesting. Nonetheless, we’re enjoying the last days of summer and gearing up for school to start the first of September. Look forward to your updates as they come!

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