Growing so fast


“They were all growing so fast. In just a few short years they would be all young men and women…youth tiptoe…expectant…a-star with its sweet wild dreams…little ships sailing out of safe harbour to unknown ports. The boys would go away to their life work and the girls…ah, the mist-veiled forms of beautiful brides might be seen coming down the old stairs at Ingleside. But they would be still hers for a few years yet…hers to love and guide…to sing the songs that so many mothers had sung. Hers…and Gilbert’s.”

Anne of Ingleside, L.M. Montgomery

{Sigh. Thinking on seasons as a mother today. Hope your June has been as lovely and dreamy as mine. I hope to be back soon with my May Reads list. Hope your Thursday is sunshine-y, with blue skies, and wistful winds blowing through your curtains!}



8 thoughts on “Growing so fast

  1. I feel the fresh June breeze and sigh of the Earth through these forward seeing and backward remembering mother views, yours and Anne’s. 🕊🕊🌎🌎

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    1. Aww. Joan, I’m so thankful to be in this precious journey of motherhood with you and Anne too. You are a little further along, with much wisdom, I’m sure. It’s a glorious mixture of bittersweet memories past, trying to hold onto this moment and stay present, and be excited for what’s ahead. How do us mothers do it? 🙂 Do you have any favorite mothering books, or essays, or art ANYTHING? for encouragement as a mother? I realize that’s a very broad question, but I love to know your favorites. 🙂 ❤


      1. Amy, I admire your Charlotte Mason approach so much. I was mostly taught by my children, while initially encouraged by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay’s, “For the Children’s Sake.” Later, “Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum” by Laura Berqust was very helpful, salted with the advice of kindred mothers. For art, a favorite- Joseph Pieper’s, “Only the Lover Sings” and Pope John Paul ll’s letter to Artists. Tolkien and his belief that children shouldn’t be talked down to was greatly influential. “To Dance with God,” by Gertrud Mueller Nelson was meaningful for elbow deep faith expressions, as well as the ideas of Sophia Cavaletti. Thank you for your profound rebounded motherhood encouragement. We need to see motherhood in all its spectrum. (I’m in the middle of a letter to you!)

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