Monday Ponderings {January 27th}


I thank Thee more that all our joy

Is touched with pain;

That shadows fall on brightest hours,

That thorns remain;

So that Earth’s bliss may be our guide,

And not our chain.

For Thou, Who knowest, LORD, how soon

our weak heart clings,

Has given us joys tender and true,

But all with wings, –

So that we see gleaming on high,

Diviner things.


A. Procter, The Cloud of Witness, p. 29

{I certainly didn’t plan being away from this little space for almost the whole month of January, but it was so needed. I’m learning to let go, being patient with myself, and yet, there also has to be a point where one shows up to one’s creative work. So, as yet, I’m not sure what that will mean, still muddling that through, but I do so hope I will be back more frequently}


6 thoughts on “Monday Ponderings {January 27th}

  1. Forgive me for intruding, Amy. I was pondering the questions you asked Sarah Clarkson yesterday, with your response in mind to a question I posed to you, “When do you read? How do you make time for it?” You explained that reading was your daily bread. One doesn’t question if they should eat everyday. That helped me carve time for reading again, without feeling guilty. I had lost my balance, and was slipping into over- responsibility in the face of a chronic difficulty.

    Take in or go hungry. Right. It’s my equal belief that an artist, writer, sub-creator of any kind also has the necessity-to put out. Your own appetite for books, your ready receptivity to nature and beauty, being surrounded by heaven on earth (every drop of your children’s sacred childhood) is a constant in-flow, a taking in. That abundance must be digested and turned into something new. When growing up, we were constantly surrounded by classical music. Many of my siblings and I write/have written songs, I believe, because our souls were flooded with melodies. We had to do it.

    Because homeschool is as you say, full on all the time, carving out time WILL mean a death to a moment with your loved ones which for me stung, and still does, especially because life is already so busy. As a young mom, after putting my gifts on the altar often, I felt a clarifying whisper one time in particular when waving to my garden longingly as I walked by, “When you work in the garden, you not only have an effect on it, it has an effect on you.” I really felt God say, “Yes, it is a necessity.” I’m not a fine artist, or an accomplished gardener, but spending time creating not only nourishes me, keeps me healthy mentally and spiritually, it models God’s activity. It helps me give away myself generously. My grown children have told me time and again how happy they are that I create. My dedication to it (simple, ongoing dabbles in folk art, simple gardening, everything simple) has given them the knowledge that wasting time creating is worthwhile.

    It’s fruitful to the Body of Christ and to the world, too, in ways we don’t see and may never. But what would the world be like without this output from God’s friends? It’s a suffering and a responsibility.

    Your IG has been a true encouragement. Your take on things seeps in; a sense of joy and hope is always communicated.

    A wise priest once said (in a non-neglectful, non-callous attitude), “If the children simply play cards, they’re being educated.” They have their playtime , re-creation. We are also children. Deep play, what I call “REM creating” like REM sleep is necessary and fruitful. And it’s s gift from God that doesn’t frequently come, with distraction and obstacles. I work on allowing it to come. Oft times, I’ve been guilty and still am of allowing my successful sessions of turning into neglect because I didn’t want to/couldn’t turn off the switch, but I try to be dutiful, both ways.😊

    Forgive me for this unsolicited bit. Ignore if more noise for your busy life.

    Prayers and Blessings,



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    1. Dear Joan, what a thoughtful, lovely thing to open up on my blog today. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I’m printing it off. You are so right and have given me so much to think on. Thank you for being such a kindred spirit. ❤


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