Many Happy Returns, Gladys Taber!

Gladys Taber at Stillmeadow

{Gladys Taber on Pinterest}

{an old post, I’m sharing today, in honor of one my favorite writers!}

I want to wish Gladys Taber, a very Happy Birthday! She is one of my top favorite non-fiction authors, her love of books, nature, and life’s minutia, find her a kindred spirit with me. She actually died a few months before I was born, but her observations and love of the dailiness of life are timeless. In honor of her wonderful writing, I’d love to introduce you to Michele, a wonderful online writer, who captures Glady’s spirit in her writing.  Go on over and visit Michele at The Rabbit Patch Diary and prepare to be inspired. Are you familiar with Mrs. Taber? Do you have a favorite classic memoirist and a favorite modern memoirist? I love to hear!

A cake and tea will be happening here later in memory and honor of  Gladys!


10 thoughts on “Many Happy Returns, Gladys Taber!

  1. I always read Gladys Tabor’s column in my mother’s magazines when I was young. I hadn’t thought of it before, but that was a long-lasting admiration. I’m glad you featured The Rabbit Patch Diary. Michele is a marvelous writer, and her posts always perk up my day, as do yours.

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    1. How wonderful! 😀 ❤ Ladies Home Journal, possibly? I think she wrote for a couple different columns. I found her through Susan Branch and now I'm slowly collecting her books as I find them in dusty charity shops or online at reasonable prices. 😀


  2. No, she’s new to me. Perhaps not famous outside the US? Or, of course, it could just be my ignorance to blame. Favourite memoirist? Laurie Lee, Frank McCourt, Eric Newby. Gavin Maxwell, Wilfred Thessinger, Richard Mabey. And two columnists: Mark Cocker and A.H.Griffin. Oh dear, they’re all men. And probably none of them well known outside the UK. So…Primo Levi, who is Italian, and Katherine Swift, who isn’t a man! She writes about her garden, but her wonderful book is woven with history and nature and some elements of memoir too.

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      1. Oh. These chaps have written a lot of books between them and I haven’t read them all. Lets narrow it down, in no particular order: Cider with Rosie, Claxton, The Unofficial Countryside, Love and War in the Apennines, Ring of Bright Water, The Shining Levels, The Periodic Table, A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush, The Morville Hours. That’s quite a few to be getting on with. Oh, if you like swimming: Waterlogged.

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