Dishes and Dreams


The rainbow swirl of greasy film glimmers up at me. A spot of soap makes it shrink away in concentric circles. The bright, scorching light of sun off snow hits my eyes from the little window above the sink. The brightness is a gift this time of year, as is the flicker of candle flame sitting on the sill. Any sort of light offsets the February gray. The smell of the candle intermingles with dish soap, the sudsy, drips hitting the water with a pleasing, soothing sound. Water is so meditative, running through little streams, out of faucets, down crashing falls, dribbling off eves, and bubbling over rocks. A dangerous, beautiful thing. I wash away the vestiges of spaghetti, oatmeal, and frustrations. Meditating on music, movies, and a glance through the window, a Downy Woodpecker at the suet. The rough towel, that’s seen better days, dry in my damp hands, swiping, stacking, closing cupboard door. Shutting out the bitterness, harsh words, washing it all clean, and stacking it away in the forgetting cupboard. Our days are stories, stories that we are putting down in living ink, blood, sweat, and yes, fat drops of salty tears. Silverware jumbles, clanging, the clink, clink of stacked glasses and mugs, building, working through each step of these relationships. Each day of clanks, clinks, and new blocks for the foundation.Β  I scrub stubborn spots of crusty peanut butter and Nutella, it fading and swirling down into the depths. Just like my children, their childhood, messy, beautiful, and slipping away all too fast, the slurp of the drain licking up the last drop. Dishes that held hot delicious memories of these moments, this twenty-four hours around the sun. Sustenance, conversation, and fruits of one’s hard labor. There’s something so satisfying about dishes and dreams.


12 thoughts on “Dishes and Dreams

  1. Love your storytelling of every day, insignificant, mundane things that all of us do at one time or another. You have a ‘big’ talent and you are quite obviously a deep-thinker. I love your style, but I will not retire my dishwasher to experience a relationship with dishwater, at this point anyway. Love your creations!

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  2. Amy, I created that blog but haven’t done much with it. I created a closed page on FB where I have been writing and posting, for now. I need an afternoon free to figure out how to get my blog on WordPress going so I can post to it. If you have a FB page, I can add you to my closed page, or possibly I can add you with an email address (not sure but can try). If not, I will eventually be posting to my blog. So glad you remembered what I was going to call ti. I love your Hearth Ridge Refelctions. Pleasant reading.

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