I will tune my harp again ~



“O my soul, why art thou vexed

And disquieted in me?”

Why cast down and sore perplexed,

Goest thou so heavily?

Hath the Lord thy God forgot?

Can it be He careth not?


Nay, He careth. Clouds of sadness

    Quick dissolve in gracious rain.

God of all my joy and gladness,

I will tune my harp again;

I will sing Thy love long tried,

And Thy comforts multiplied.


I have proved the heavenly treasure

Sustenance in desert land;

I have tasted of the pleasure

Stored for us at Thy right hand.

Now right joyously I praise

Thee, the Succor of my days.


Surely peace, like some fair river,

Reacheth even unto me;

And my leaf need never wither

     For my root is hid in Thee.

Ever let Thy love fulfill

In me, Lord, Thy welcome will.


~Amy Carmichael

Mountain Breezes, p. 96

(emphasis mine)


2 thoughts on “I will tune my harp again ~

  1. I came upon this yesterday and had to share it with you. 100 writers in their Writing Spaces. Right up our alleys…

    If I could transport myself to any photograph- it would be Nigella Lawson’s. I put a bunch of quotes down in my inspiration notebook. I loved Rudyard Kipling’s. Mark Twain’s was funny. Harlan Ellison’s reminded me so much of our modern entertainment dilemma it was almost profound and I could relate most to Harriet Beecher Stowe. 😉

    Whenever you have a few minutes- check it out:


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