Gratitude List {One Hundred Bits by Thanksgiving} #7


{continuing my gratitude list}

61. Homemade costumes by Phoebe and Ella, putting on a show for me
62. The beautiful drive to a friend’s house
63. Spending time with new mom friends at local homeschool mothers night
64. Ben being so excited to see after I’m gone
65. Anticipation building for opening day of hunting
66. New book to share over Christmas
67. Jan Brett illustrations
68. Surprise pumpkin pie for Amos
69. Thanksgiving plans at my brothers home
70. The closing down of another blessed year, Lord-willing a new, fresh start next


3 thoughts on “Gratitude List {One Hundred Bits by Thanksgiving} #7

  1. 65. I wanted to buy The Gingerbread Man for our new great grand baby boy, Emerson, for Christmas. Then remembered I didn’t think I really liked the original i rèread it and I agreed with myself. I then searched further and stumbled on The Gingerbread Baby by Jan Brett. Guessing she had the same thought. Ordered it. Looks like she has more good books.

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