Gratitude List {One Hundred Bits By Thanksgivng} #3


{continuing my gratitude list}

21. Yesterday

22. Today

23. Sunlight flickering through field corn

24. Sumac’s brilliant red color

25. Friends to talk about home educating with

26. Commonplace journal for quotes to look back on

27. Sam and Ella chopping ham and potatoes for crockpot

28. 45 minute drive we have to get to bigger towns – time to think, pray, decompress

29. Prayer

30. Holidays coming to see family


3 thoughts on “Gratitude List {One Hundred Bits By Thanksgivng} #3

  1. I read your list. Then I gobbled up a whole slew of your posts. The things you write sound so similar to the things I think of. Home educating.. commonplace.. reading aloud… gratitude… faith…the list could go on. I will be back, and I’m glad I discovered your blog. 🙂

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