At the Table


What’s for dinner?

We are having Robin Hood, Raphael’s La Donna Velata, crunchy Math numbers, with a side of Favorite Poems Old and New.  We are drinking deeply from Antonin Drorak’s music and dessert is Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. Numerous other delectable dishes are being served up at this feast. I lean back and sigh with satisfaction at the wide array of dishes, something for everyone here. At this table, we all are filled with our favorites, the things that hit our taste buds just right at the right moment.

I was pondering last night how much I cherish home educating my children. I particularly am thankful for the wisdom of Charlotte Mason. My favorite thing about her learning philosophy and methods is that is personal. It’s about relationships. It’s about each person being unique, connecting to the Lord and His world in an intimate, personal way.

She liken this type of living as a feast, a description that really touches me. She told us that it isn’t about facts but how much we care. At this feast, we are all learners, partakers.  My 7yo pulled out The Secret Garden the other day, and we read this together:

“The bird put his tiny head on one side and looked up at him with his soft bright eye which was like a black dewdrop. He seemed quite familiar and not the least afraid. He hopped about and pecked the earth briskly, looking for seeds and insects. It actually gave Mary a queer feeling in her heart, because he was so pretty and cheerful and seemed so like a person. He had a tiny plump body and a delicate beak, and slender delicate legs.”

pg 40

The Secret Garden 

Frances Hodges Burnett

I actually had a little lump in my throat, thinking of orphan Mary. The quickening of the beauty of that bird in a love-starved heart. That is so alike this way of living, a bright spark. I then began considering the foster care system as I had been reading something earlier. Later that evening, all of us got talking about the differences between foster care and orphanages. We started talking about adoptions and friends that have opened their hearts to it.

The next day, some of the children started a fund to purchase necessities for underprivileged children. See? It’s all connected. Life is a huge beautiful interweaving of personal relationships and connections. Miss Mason’s heart was for all people to partake of a deep connection with their God, enter in the cares and concerns of others compassionately, and understand they are each a uniquely created person in God.

The candles are flickering low, the table cloth is a bit rumpled, crumbs litter the floor, the delicious feast feeding and nourishing us. It isn’t always easy creating this feast, it takes a bit of work, elbow grease, yet it is so very worth it. I murmur a last word of thanksgiving and blow out the candles.

Tomorrow, we will taste and see that the Lord is good all over again.


9 thoughts on “At the Table

  1. This “rambling” of a day in your life is full of beauty. Its tenderness, gratefulness, and sympathy well up a tear. For I see those invisible things at the feast on your table. (I am sending a link to my daughter who is still a bit new to being on the other side of home learning – the mommy side.) I remember reading “Secret Garden” aloud to her at bedtimes in 1989. I’d forgotten I’d ever read the words: “his soft bright eye which was like a black dew drop.” But this daughter and I have observed birds more closely ever since.

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  2. “It’s all connected.”
    Yes! Living, Learning, Loving . . . I’m sure I could find more “L” words to fit here, but this is how education ought to take place. Thank you for giving us a taste of your feast 🙂
    And thank you for sharing at our Encouraging Hearts & Home blog hop this week. You do indeed encourage my heart.

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  3. Home schooling is such a blessing! I was home schooled pre-k through 12th, and I loved it! It fostered such a love of reading and learning that I don’t think I would have developed going to a public school. The Secret Garden is one of my favorite books – along with the Anne of Green Gables series, anything written by Jane Austen, and the Lord of the Rings. ❤

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