New Year’s Ramblings


Icy fingers wrap around my ankles as I sit here at our big wood desk. I feel shackled, worn, old, and frankly, cold.  The pellet stove is chug, chug, chugging, the edges of our old home are a bit chilly.  Thank God for the licking, crackling warmth, for piles of quilts, and thick socks. How are you beginning out the new year? I feel a bit stuck, dazed, and confused, which is how I probably am every year after the holidays. Not the cheery new year post you were looking for? I’m sorry for that. I just needed a place to ramble.

Foremost on my mind is our formal learning beginning again Monday here at Hearth Ridge Farm. I’m excited and anticipating diving into all the beauty with my children. Meeting again our favorite friends through the piles of books, forming relationships with many things, and being pointed in a subtle, gentle, really loving way to the One who gave it all to us.   I’m very aware of the fortitude and determination this takes on my part. It’s a humbling and a discipline to choose this educational path for our family. I’m extremely grateful and know it’s a privilege to even HAVE this choice. Not all families are able to walk this road, even if they desired too, and I know that it isn’t always the easiest route in some countries with legalities. I’m praying and ruminating on this and have things generally set for beginning.

I’ve been thinking about peace and relationships. That they aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive. Although they certainly seem that way at times. By peace, I mean, a quietness, a calmness, a sameness. Ha. Ya. Really the opposite of relationships. Real relationships are a tension, a messiness, and a dance. Of course, that’s what makes them so beautiful and so ugly.

I began reading Les Misérables as part of my goal for classics this year and I’m really enjoying it so far. I knew I had to get started on it so that I can savor and not get rushed and bogged down in huge sections to read.

I enjoy writing so much, but sometimes I think I overthink how much time or quiet it takes. It DOES take a lot of editing to make a thoughtful piece, but the initial puking it out doesn’t have to be fancy or long-winded. Sometimes I feel like there are a thousand little dwarf ideas pounding at the inside of my head with their pickaxes, but poof, they are gone in an instant, and if I don’t write them down quickly, I forget. So, I have piles of gems waiting for me to refine, buffing to bring out their shine. I keep reading things how one needs to just do what they want to do NOW, you know seize the day and all that rot, because we don’t know how much time we have, but that wars within me due to the season I’m in. The truth is that I find it VERY difficult to have the mental space and clarity to write very much. And I’m ok with that. Or rather, I’m learning and choosing to be ok with that. The rewards for what I’m privileged to do right now, far outweigh any perceived level of greenness I can only guess at on the other side of the fence.

I don’t have a lot of goals or resolutions or even really a word this year. Not yet, anyway. Aren’t I just a ray of hot sunshine? I think it is going to boil down to something to do with how seriously I take my faith. How do the affections of my heart order? How am I walking in obedience to what I believe is true? How can I quiet and yield myself, listening for His still, small voice? I also have been praying about how easily I forget my faith for ungratefulness when plans go awry, or dryers break for a time, or relationships rear the ugly side of the head. Oh, to live on a higher plain then the immediate.

I probably sound depressed, but I assure you, I am not. I’m trying to be realistic. 😉 However, I have some bends in the yellow brick road ahead. For instance, I’m very inspired by Edith Holden’s nature notebooks and have plans to work on mine. Our feeders are full of birds and there is nothing better than quietly watching them. I have an embroidery and quilt project on the docket.  My oldest daughter and I are going to take a sewing class. Our Charlotte Mason group will beginning again and I’m honored to be researching and planning for our new poet. Piles of books, mugs of coffee, gorgeous, never-ending views, a family gathered, and a Love of a Savior that never gives up on me.

I’m good. Happy first week of January. Stay warm.









16 thoughts on “New Year’s Ramblings

  1. You put more thought into the beginning year than most of us. I can relate to the edges of a house being chilly. We have a well-insulated house, but 6-degree weather presents a challenge for our heat pump. I’ve been wearing a sweatshirt all day instead of just for walking. Despite all that, I’m sending you warm wishes for a pleasant January.

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  2. Hi Amy, I was sure I commented on your Nevil Shute, Dean’s Watch etc post but I think my words were eaten up. Trying again. We are having very hot weather 40 deg C today & hotter tomorrow. Close friends of ours spent Christmas in Nth Carolina visiting their son & then stopped over in NY. My friend messaged me & said she will never complain of being cold in Australia again. I think flights were cancelled there because of the bad weather. Love your writing & admire your persistence with it. Look forward to reading your book one day 🙂

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    1. I’m sorry your comment didn’t work. I don’t think some of these blog hosting sites are very comment friendly.
      Oh, wow. That would be temperature shock for Australian’s for sure! I feel bad for your friend!!! 😦
      Thank you so much for all your comments and encouragement. I appreciate your perspective so much about life and homeschooling and well, everything! 🙂

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  3. Not as cold here in Texas but still chilly enough to stay inside…and since we’ve been battling colds inside it is! Excited to hear you started Les Mis! I’ll be starting it too now that I finished Hannah Coulter. I found an online reading plan that takes you through Les Mis in a year with a chapter a day. I may try that…a year is doable right?! 🙂

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      1. Oh that’s right! The chapters are the same numbers but just varying books. Yes, I’m on chp. 10 of Book 1! Do you have the Signet classic? Or which one are you reading from?

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