Happy Birthday, Lucy Maud Montgomery!


{First editions of L.M.Montgomery books at her Uncle John and Aunt Annie’s home which she dubbed “Silverbush” and was her inspiration for the Pat of Silverbush books}

I was so excited to visit P.E.I, Canada with my husband this year and it was a dream. All because of this lady, Maud Montgomery. It’s funny how you idolize authors that you love as a child and when you dig deep into their lives, they often aren’t all gumdrops and rose petals. That is definitely the case for Maud. She had a rough life, but it some ways, that endears her to me even more. I see how she lived and survived through her trees, island, books, characters, and writing. She wrote into her characters the darkness of true life, yet she managed to spin a bit of magic around it all, giving light and hope.

I haven’t yet read all her books, but I’ve read a fair amount and almost always, I walk away enchanted, encouraged, and ready to look at life in a new way. My recent favorite is Jane of Lantern Hill. Thank you, Mrs. Montgomery for penning beauty and light for the world to share.

I wrote here more about her! And here a poem about the enchanting P.E.I. !


6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Lucy Maud Montgomery!

  1. So that’s not your bookshelf? Too bad! 🙂

    I agree with your comment about how we imagine the authors whose books we love. I don’t even like to see the author photo sometimes when it is an author I’ve read and loved but haven’t seen pictures of. It can be disappointing when the “wrong” face is attached to someone you felt you knew. Silly, but true.

    That is one reason I love Leif Enger’s Peace Like a River so much. The book is wonderful, and when I got to meet him, I discovered that he is, too, which made me love the book even more.

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    1. Yeah. Ha. I wish that was my book shelf. 🙂 Yeah, sometimes it maybe isn’t worth digging TOO deeply into artists/authors lives. Just appreciating their work is enough. But I had to dig into Maud’s. She has been such a formative part of my teen years and adult life. Her story actually is inspiring albeit sad.

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  2. I’ve written about LM Montgomery a few times on my blog, if you want to see just type in the search bar her name and hopefully you can see the posts. I love the photo. It’s about time I’ve visited PEI now that my youngest is 7 I have a little more freedom to check things off my bucket list. I also want to visit Stillmeadow! And Laura Ingalls Wilder land, too. Cheers to a great post (with raspberry cordial, of course!) ~Shanda

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