The hot wind ruffles her hair. She sits among battered and bruised geranium petals, crushed and twisted leaves. I hone in on the blond tendrils whipping around her red, dirt-streaked face. June warmth and humidity are all a swirl. I push back the thoughts from yesterday, the past angry, sad moments of a mother’s plant crushed, entering the present. Her chubby legs folded on the grayed, wind and sun soaked, deck. I refuse to look down the road in fear for her future, gut-clenched and twisted, faith-felled with choking fear of unknowns, out of controls, and painful could-be’s. Instead, those blue-green eyes are smiling at me now, here in this moment, no going back or forward, I’m choosing to press the pause button of the immediate. Today, this minute, this moment is what I’ve been given. I will rejoice and be glad in it.


13 thoughts on “Pause

    1. Anne, yes, so true! Mothering is one of the most difficult, yet beautiful things we could ever do! I think I’m going to be learning this lesson for the rest of my life. I have to constantly forgive myself and start again. ❤


  1. Amy, what a beautiful thought. (Sorry, I always say, oh, how beautiful!, but it IS, it’s just so inspiring and it describes so well all this we call motherhood!)

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  2. Your words paint pictures, Amy! Each season of motherhood has its particular moments to savor and challenges to meet, doesn’t it? For me, it seems that worries about the future more easily come flooding in the older they get, as my grip and control loosen. It s a journey of increasing trust, where I entrust more and more into the Father’s hands and do more and more praying than lecturing… Sometimes the future and present mix and mingle when I see and speak to my children. This is when I most need to hit that “pause” button and just rest in the Lord’s care of us, His mercies right here and now, trust in future grace, and just relish and savor the beauty within these boundary lines for surely my portion is pleasant. ♥️Betty

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  3. So important to grasp on to the moment we are in. A vision of the future is important, but it’s kind of funny how often that is best served by concentrating on right now.

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