Happy November! 🥰🍂🕸🕷✨{writing/creativity challenge to myself…will you join me?}

Journals and current writing reads! ✒️📚📓📖📝

Something about a new fresh month always super excites me! This year has been a challenging year for me with my writing and creativity. I’ve had some setbacks in my health journey, bad habits creeping back in, and sleeplessness. Unfortunately, that lends to my creative pursuits being put on the back burner. I’m challenging myself here at the blog to post something three times a week for November at least, prayerfully till the end of the year. Just to get the habit rolling again!

How about you? Do you have writing or creativity goals currently? Anything you want to revive? Are you reading or practicing any habits that are helpful? I’d love to hear!

Currently reading and loving! 📖♥️ Anything feeding you?

I’m currently continuing all the autumn/ Victober reads{a Victorian literature read along during October}, and enjoying my large TBR stacks. I’ve been enjoying Jeremy Brett’s portrayal of Sherlock Holmes on YouTube. I’ve also been drawn to Hercule Poirot episodes. What’s currently filling your well? 😄♥️🔍

11 thoughts on “Happy November! 🥰🍂🕸🕷✨{writing/creativity challenge to myself…will you join me?}

  1. Love seeing your gathered journals and inspirations. I too will be blogging a bit more and writing poem scraps this month. I will be praying–for a full measure of rest and healing and a deep drink from the well of inspiration. Peace keep you, Amy 💙

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    1. Thank you, Kourtney! I saw your post and was so excited that we are both working on our words. 😄♥️ I got Mr. Kleon’s email, also, and was inspired. I so appreciate your encouragement. ♥️


  2. Your post appeared in my feed and it feels like a good fit! Yesterday I decided to write blogs every week and a short story a month for a year.

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  3. So sorry about your setbacks and sleeplessness…totally right there with you! I’m planning to finish my Ig haiku project this month…excited for that! And may take a short social media break in December so maybe I’ll get to more blogging then. I’ve realized that I really can’t handle more than one online writing outlet and be consistent with it. I’ll have to re-evaluate if I want to stick with Ig or take more time off next year to revive my blog. It seems Ig gets more traffic but I dislike not being able to search for previous posts on the app like you can with a blog. Decisions, decisions…

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    1. The IG haiku is so wonderful! I’m the exact same way with too many SM things. IG/blog/YT are my three! 😅I’m wanting to use my blog more as it slows me down a wee bit…IG just for sharing quick things or directing to blog. Yes, consistently creating a habit of something is very hard for me, too! 😩Maybe it’s our season of life?! Or for me, it could be an unwillingness to sacrifice reading time. 🤔😜😂😭♥️


  4. I’m enjoying snippets of Amy Carmichaels’ ‘Thou Givest…They Gather’ most days & reading through Galatians with William Barclay’s ‘The New Daily Study Bible.’
    Trying to get some exercise in at least 5 days a week – I’m slowly increasing my jogging when I walk – as in I’ll try & jog to the next lamppost & then walk. I think I actually spied some quad muscles this morning…:)
    Also getting in some applique, which I hadn’t done for ages.

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  5. I’m excited that you’re trying to blog more this month – I always love your posts! I’m working on implementing exercise into my daily routine. It’s something I struggle with!

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