Good Morning, February.


The sun is shining. The fire is hot. The door opens with ease. The blue sky spills down into the dankness. The cellar door clanks back and forth, back and forth, my friend wind waving well wishes.  But it cannot block out the fluffy bits of fullness floating through the firmament. I turned the calendar page. A new month, a brilliant blue moon to love. A clean slate, chalk-dust free, full of promise.  The books are opened, tattered bookmarks and all, candle wicks blackened from light and heat, mugs with rings around them, grounds in the bottom. The ice is still here, the ice is still everywhere, but the sun glints off of it, a jewel shining in my heart. February, welcome.

Meditating on grace and truth:

For the Law was given through Moses; grace and truth were realized through Jesus Christ. John 1:17



4 thoughts on “Good Morning, February.

  1. I love this tribute to February! I don’t always feel the passing of a year or month, but there’s just something about February that I think you captured. Maybe because it’s the coldest, hardest (for me) month in the year, the one before March and the promise of springtime. It deserves to be heralded, and you’ve given it a lovely welcome. The photograph is perfect.

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  2. Your words are so easy to read rhythmically, almost like a ballad to a sometimes disappointing month. February seems to pass by quickly though when you think of its snowy days as perhaps your last chance for this year to go outside and play in the snow.

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