{Thankful} 2016


2016 has so many things to be thankful for…

  • the long hours talking with my husband as we worked on remodeling projects
  • many hours of peaceful painting while listening to podcasts 😉
  • my trip to England and Paris with my mom and sister, so many memories of beauty
  • our home educating journey following the philosophy of Charlotte Mason, a new confidence in the methods and a relaxed enjoyment of what we are learning together
  •  Charlotte Mason book study and community group, Excelsior Guild
  •  precious children to love
  •  my husband and I growing in our marriage, and Chinese food/thrift store dates
  • our new home, Hearth Ridge, and the surrounding natural beauty
  • the sale of our previous home, Hidden Valley, bittersweet, yet so thankful for finding a buyer that loved it as much as we did
  • my beautiful reclaimed wood built-in library ❤
  • books, oh my dear friends 😉
  • my hard-working husband, allowing me to stay home with our children
  • health
  • good friends, coffee, book, and life chats
  • my kitchen cabinet knobs, small in size, but big in personality. So cheerful!
  • new niece on my side and new nephew on my husband’s side
  • memoir writing class
  • the lovely Presence of the Lord throughout my days


Wanna share your list? Please feel free to in the comments! I’d love to hear.



4 thoughts on “{Thankful} 2016

    1. Hi Sherry! Happy New Year, friend. Its at a nearby library…it’s more of a group versus a class. We all share our writing and have words etc that we write from. I just found it recently and I love it. Once a month is doable for me too since it’s pretty close.


      1. That sounds great!

        And thank you for inspiring gratitude! I will be writing my list tomorrow. God is so good to us–I have MUCH to be thankful for.

        Happy New Year to you! You are a blessing, Amy! 💜

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